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Kitchen is the most pious and sacred place in a residential set up. The Indian tradition has always educated the generations about the importance of a kitchen in our lives. The basic necessity of human race, food can only be fulfilled by kitchen. The day starts by entering kitchen and so also the days end by exiting it. As things are evolving with time, there has been a great change in the setting up of a kitchen. With generations opting for a compact, modern and trendy kitchen, people prefer to go in for a modular kitchen. A modular kitchen is the urban twist in the kitchen. A modular kitchen is a kitchen which contemporary units, accessories, appliances, cabinets, etc... are included in order to get a compact and sleek look to the kitchen.

A practical planning is the key to the success of a wonderful modular kitchen. With assembling and installation of appropriate hydraulics, units, cabinets, shutters, appliances, etc... the task of cooking becomes all the more enjoying and hassle free. The concept of modular kitchen largely depends upon the need and requirement of the person. Modular kitchen can be customized with great ease as per the shape and size of the kitchen. A modular kitchen is a combination of various components like design, shape, color, cabinets, shutters, appliances, accessories, etc... With numerous options to choose from, people have a varied choice for installation of an eye catchy modular kitchen.

It is very essential to understand the different shapes for a modular kitchen. There are some defined shapes which meet different requirements of the person appropriately. A varied option for shapes to choose from namely, Island, G Shape, U Shape, L Shape, Single Wall and Parallel Wall, the person can get an overwhelming and remarkably astounding modular kitchen in the living space. An Island Kitchen is best for large kitchen cooking spaces. It is very much in trend and is being followed at many places. With a cook top in the center of the kitchen, it gives an ease access from every side. G Shaped kitchen suits in quite large shaped kitchens. It gives an access to two cooking work stations in a single kitchen. U Shaped kitchen gives cooking as well as an eating space to people. L Shape is a traditional shape, often seen in numerous set-ups. Single Wall modular kitchen are made with the help of a single wall. It occupies each and every requirement on a single wall itself. Parallel as the name says has two walls parallel to each other. It can equip more cabinets in one kitchen itself.

Apart from shape, the next thing which is essential for modular kitchen is the presence of sunlight in kitchen. Sunlight gives a spacious look to the kitchen. Modular kitchen should be opted with a futuristic perspective. As years go by, people in family also increase. Hence, it is advisable to go in for large spaces by reconstructing or revamping the kitchen.
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