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Modular Kitchen Shutters

Shutters simply dazzle the look of the cabinets. It enables the user to match the color of shutters with flooring, roof top and other elements present in the interior. Modular kitchen is an example of convenience with style. Shutters give a great experience to the visitors from outside. Shutters are made up of different material namely, solid wood, acrylic, membrane, laminates, PU coated and Floral.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Shutters, Ahmedabad
Solid Wood is one of the strongest and preferred woods for building up of furniture. Shutters made up of solid wood are quite sturdy and durable. Solid wood has made it to be a traditional choice for one and all. Also it gives a great scope to choose amongst different types of knobs. Solid wood shutters are available in different colors, shades and patterns. Thus, people can well play with their creativity and match up to the interiors of the kitchen well. Supreme quality solid wood shutters prevent the pests, termites and other creatures from penetrating and damaging the material.


Acrylic Shutters, Ahmedabad
A modular kitchen comes into existence after the combination of right shape, accessories like cabinets, shutters, hangings, hydraulic system, units, baskets, etc... Shutters add to the value and glow to the look and appearance of the modular kitchen. The colors of shutters and material chosen can give the meaning to the concept utilized for a modular kitchen. Acrylic shutters are quite utilized in high end kitchen. MDF Boards and Marine Ply are different types of acrylic shutters. Largely utilized in supreme cabinets, the price also varies to a great extent.


Membrane Shutters, Ahmedabad
Membrane shutters are well utilized and popular for its water resistant capacity. Kitchen being more prone to water usage requires products that are resistant to water. PVC membrane skins are laminated on the particle Boards which then gives put the membrane finish. It gives the choice to get grooved or carved for some or the other design. Membrane shutters give a different and unique look altogether to the kitchen. The edges of the membrane sheet are smooth in order to fix them with great ease. Available in different shape, size and designs; membrane shutters prove to be splendid and versatile in all ways.


Laminates Shutters, Ahmedabad
Laminate shutters are developed with the help of a particle board or plywood. It is strong, durable and resistant to water. Laminates are being widely used in textured, glossy and matt effect. It gives a vibrant and special look to the exteriors of cabinets. Where cabinets used to be simple and plain, the laminate shutters would definitely roll out to be eye catching. Laminates open great doors for experimenting upon the interior skills. The colors and textures can well match with the effect of appliances and other accessories. Consumers can check out a whole range of laminate shutters available in different shape, color and sizes for accelerating the overall look.

PU Coated

PU Coated Shutters, Ahmedabad
PU Coated shutters better known as Polyurethane coating shutter give a modernized look to the modular kitchen. The manufacturer ensures to use original and quality oriented PU coated material to ensure the best shutter quality in cabinets. With numerous manufacturers present in market, brands too get a great scope to provide the best of the PU coated shutters available in all colors, shape, texture, patterns, etc... The material of PU coated shutters is quite durable and long lasting. It requires less maintenance. The illumination in modular kitchen also dazzles the overall look due to the presence of PU coated shutters.


Floral Shutters, Ahmedabad
The floral effect brings in peace and beauty in the living space. The floral effect can do wonders to the interiors of the modular kitchen as well. Since the appliances are also available with the floral touch, the shutters can also be applied with this effect. Floral shutters just look different from the conventional shutters. It definitely calls for attraction and view points from the users. There is a variety and ranges of floral laminates that can be choose upon very easily. The user can experiment well with the floral shutter to bring a pleasing effect to the eyes as well.
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