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Most Frequently Asked 8 Questions

Question 01: Define Modular Kitchen in layman terms.
Answer 01: A modular kitchen is an ideal set up of a kitchen area comprising of storage units, appliances, accessories, utility baskets, etc... for bringing convenience and sense of a stress reliever for undertaking cooking and other kitchen related chores. Being a time saving and cost effective concept, modular kitchens are gaining a great pace in the residential spaces. Cabinets are storage units that can accommodate things in an effective manner. It enables the user to manage space and maintain the kitchen systematically. With accessories and appliances, cooking experience can turn out to be splendid and full of fun.

Question 02: What are the benefits of installing a modular kitchen?
Answer 02: A Kitchen is very close to the heart of the person. It is a place which gives us food and source to stay energetic and lively in life. It is essential to make it the best place for cooking and spending a worthy time. Modular kitchen makes the working experience full of fun and relief. It keeps the kitchen systematic and facilitates space management. Inspite of too many cabinets and storage units, the modular kitchen does not appear to be cluttered. It makes the kitchen look more and more beautiful and attractive. The cook tops enable quick and timely cooking. Chimney eradicates the smoke from being collected.

Question 03: How can a modular kitchen meet my requirement?
Answer 03: A construction and choice for a modular kitchen differs from person to person. Modular kitchen being a customized concept can well meet the requirements of the person. It is essential for a person to understand the concept in great detail in order to plan it well. A well planned modular kitchen would turn out to be successful and result oriented. The key specifications for a modular kitchen should be well discussed with the expert. The user should be then clear about the fittings of required accessories and appliances. After deciding upon the basic requirement, the user should then work out on the costing part. Since, the cost of setting up a modular kitchen varies extensively, it is essential for the user to check out ones pocket well before setting up a modular kitchen.

Question 04: Whom should I choose amongst Branded Kitchen or a Carpenter Made Kitchen?
Answer 04: Branded Kitchen and Carpenter Made Kitchen have their own set of benefits for the user. The preference depends upon the requirements of the person. One cannot choose any one of them extremely. In a branded modular kitchen, the user needs to simple I invest in less effort. Since, people can easily trust upon brands, people can be rest assured about the quality of the products utilized. In carpenter made kitchen, the carpenter develops almost everything from scratch. Based upon the requirements, the carpenter develops shutters, cabinets, etc... The costing part also differs at both ends. Branded Modular kitchen cost higher than the carpenter made ones.

Question 05: What would be the investment likely for setting up a modular kitchen?
Answer 05: A modular kitchen is finalized after taking various factors into consideration. Cost is the major factor which should not be ignored easily. Being a customized concept, a modular kitchen can very easily fit into the budget of the person. It is essential to work upon the costing under the guidance of an expert. Experts have great knowledge about this field. A modular kitchen costs from INR 60000 to somewhere around five to six lakhs. Shape, cabinets, Lay out, area, shutters, appliances, accessories, etc... greatly affects the pricing of a modular kitchen.

Question 06: Within how much time can I expect my modular kitchen to be ready?
Answer 06: The set up of a modular kitchen takes a minimum of 15 to 20 days and may require upto to a maximum of four or five weeks. Since it can be easily assembled and dismantled, the set up of a modular kitchen is not time consuming. It is advisable to plan well before it initiates. Though there are numerous players, yet any one can fool the consumer in this segment. A well market study will lead to a successful modular kitchen layout. Hardware and fittings are used to assemble and set up a complete modular kitchen.

Question 07: What steps need to be taken to maintain my Modular Kitchen?
Answer 07: Modular kitchen simply shoots up the beauty of the residential space to a great extent. With the installation of chimney, hobs, cook tops, sink, dishwasher, microwave oven, etc... it becomes essential for the user to keep a regular clean up check on them. Maintenance of the accessories and appliances would ensure durability and long lastingness. It is essential to mark few things while cleaning a modular kitchen. Hob and chimney area should be cleaned with a dried soft cotton cloth and then wiped with the wet one. One should refrain the usage of sharp things like knife and blade. The rollers of drawers should be waxed regularly. A separate wiping cloth would ensure sanitation and hygiene.

Question 08: How to go about Hob, Chimney, Sink and other appliances?
Answer 08: A modular kitchen establishes after the successful combination of accessories, appliances, cabinets, shutters, etc... The user should select the best hobs, chimney, sink and appliances for better usability and value. It is also essential to check out the prices at multiple places for ensuring a budget fit modular kitchen. Hobs, Chimney, Sink and other appliances like dishwasher, oven, etc... gives a systematic touch and look to the kitchen. It ensures a tension free and time saving cooking experience for the user.
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