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Modular kitchen is majorly perceived to be only for the riches. However, this is simply a myth. Where customization is the biggest USP of setting up a modular kitchen, it can definitely fit within the budget of the spenders. Kitchen is the most essential zone in homes. A woman is an efficient and the ideal person who stays in the kitchen most of the time. It is essential to make her feel comfortable and easy while she is working in the kitchen. Modular kitchen is simply a wise and a spectacular decision for her. Investment in a modular kitchen calls for an extensive planning and expert guidance. It is essential for the buyer to understand the concept and the importance of modular kitchen. Apart from this, it is essential for him or her to seek guidance from professionals in order to prevent oneself from getting duped.

A modular kitchen is established after a combination of various elements. Firstly, the buyer should have clarity upon his or her requisites for a modular kitchen. There are different types of shapes for setting up the structure of a modular kitchen namely, Island shape, L shaped, U Shaped, G Shaped, C- shaped, Straight wall and Parallel wall. Shape help in designing the structure and placement of other elements in setting up a complete modular kitchen. Accessories and appliances dazzle up the look and finish of the kitchen. It not only beautifies the kitchen but it majorly contributes in the ease and stress free cooking. When the elements are decided, price is the next question which comes in mind. The price of setting up a modular kitchen is quite variable. It starts from a minimum of INR 60000 and land up in Lakhs. The more the quality, the higher are the rates.
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